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We believe in helping startups and speeding up their journey towards being a market leader in the business of building AI-driven products and solutions.

What do we provide?

  • Consulting Session

    Your Idea and our expertise is all that you need. Get on a call with our technical and business team to get a consultation on your idea, strategy, technologies, and best AI stack for your solution. We provide all this for free so come and get clarity on all your questions

  • Detailed Solution Roadmap

    We detail out your solution, which includes providing timelines, pricing, tech stack usage, breakdown of the milestones, and the end to end roadmap of the solution

  • MVP

    We believe in an agile way of working where you and us work in close collaboration. We fast pace the understanding of your vision and set up the entire delivery prototype for you. We leverage and fasten our recruitment to complement our R&D team of Data Science, keeping in your mind your specific needs. On average, we can deliver ready MVP in 8-12 weeks.

  • Pay as you Move

    We are a firm believer in long-term relationships and satisfied customers. We provide flexible pricing models that suit your requirements and budget constraints. If you have your vision clear, we help you collaborate with our expert team in this domain who can aid you to fuel up your idea and business

  • IP Transfer & Confidentiality

    We respect and understand the confidentiality of the data we handle. We believe in gaining the trust of our customers and take utmost care of all sensitive data we handle with all the advanced tools we have. Once we deliver the end solution, we fully transfer all IP to our customers

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