Digital Health- IOT healthcare application

The use case here is to build healthcare Solution using AI and IOT which will aid in the leveraging the health of logistic workers and avoid emergency conditions



  • Our client is majorly looking for a solution for their logistics services. Their solution involves advanced usage of Artificial intelligence along with Internet of Things and AWS Lambda.
  • The client was specific about their requirement on the accuracy of results and also about the real time capabilities of the solution that was being built.
  • Our team designed and implemented the solution using six plus technologies which included Python + DS, APNs, AWS Lambda, PostgreSQL, Swift (iOS), IOT.

Tech Challenge

  • One of the major challenges with the solution was to enhance the healthcare application with AI
  • Another challenge of this use case was getting historical data to create and deliver data-based push notifications.
  • Giving real time alerts so that unwanted incidents are avoided.
  • Using multiple complex technologies to get to the desired accuracy.


  • The system is capable enough to give real time alerts to the admin to take necessary action.
  • The solution takes care of capturing all basic details like heart rate, weather conditions etc.
  • With all the inputs the system is expected to detect health problems and act upon it.

Project Planning

  • 2 Week -Solution Architecture Desgin -Solution Architect

  • 4 Week - Integration, Testing and Deployment

  • 6 Week - Exploratory Data Analysis and Model Building

  • 8 Week - Collection of data and realtime streamlining and development


  • We have developed a solution that is backed with a AI integrated with IOT thus making the solution accurate as well as efficient.
  • The solution is capable of processing large amounts of data coming from different resources.
  • The solution allowed the customers to get real time alerts using all possible ways like push notifications and IOT.

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