Solar Panels Inspection

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The use case here is to build a real-time solution for ongoing maintenance and malfunction of solar panels using drones through advanced big data solution.



  • Our client is from the solar industry who are majorly looking for a solution for their solar panel services. Their solution uses advanced big data techniques, image and video processing through usage of drones.
  • The client was clear on their requirements about real-time image and video processing results and the solution has been built to offer real-time capabilities using computer vision.
  • Our team designed and implemented the solution using five plus technologies which included TensorFlow, TensorRT, Gstream, Python, Computer Vision and advanced Aritificial Intelligence techniques.

Tech Challenge

  • A key challenge of the solution was to give interactive and real time reports of the malfunction.
  • Another challenge of the solution was to map the solar panel to its correct position according to the map.
  • The solution also required binary segmentation of panels through video processing.


  • The solution is capable enough to track and segment the data using advanced video analytics.
  • It can easily process and optimize the data with map coordinates using Big Data technologies and TensorRT.
  • With use of computer vision, the solution is capable to give timely detection of any defect in the solar panels.

Project Planning

  • 2 Week -Solution Architecture Desgin -Solution Architect

  • 4 Week - Integration, Testing and Deployment

  • 6 Week - Exploratory Data Analysis and Model Building

  • 8 Week - Collection of data and realtime streamlining and development


  • We have developed a system that allows one time accurate routine checkup of the solar panels.
  • With the use of computer vision and advanced big data our customers are now able to get detailed analysis reports of the inspection.
  • With technologies like TensorFlow customers can now get a summary highlighting potential defects, energy and money losses.

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